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EcoSmart CUBE Designer Ethanol Fire Range

The EcoSmart CUBE is the most compact model in the Designer Range. This Free-standing model allows you the flexibility to place it anywhere in your home. The CUBE utilizes the EcoSmart UL certified burner and also comes with a Wind Screen Static. With the CUBE, your home have an added touch of warmth and elegance matching some of the most contemporary interior style. Whether an apartment, home, restaurant or commercial space, the EcoSmart vision will add elegance and class to any environment.

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Regular Price: $7,125.00

Special Price: $5,900.00

You Save: $1,225.00 (17%)

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The EcoSmart CUBE free standing vent free ethanol burning fireplace

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Product Description

EcoSmart sets the standard for excellence, quality and beauty in the Ethanol Fireplace market. The only company with C-UL US listing certification (, EcoSmart stands apart from the competition with more than just certifications.

Designed by legendary Paul Cohen of CUBE industrial design, the EcoSmart CUBE is the most compact model in the EcoSmart designer range. This hearth features an intelligently designed, square shape that will complement a variety of decor. The CUBE is a fantastic choice for your home, apartment or business. This bold, contemporary unit works well in multiple locations. The Freestanding CUBE's sleek surrounds are visually enhanced by a stainless steel shadowline that supports the attachment of the EcoSmart wind screen.

The Vision is like the other models in the EcoSmart designer range. Full portability make this freestanding fireplace a great choice for any buyer. This ethanol fueled, environmentally friendly model uses renewable biofuel for an extremely clean burning fire with no harmful gasses that occur with Gel, Natural Gas or Wood burning hearths.


Manufacturer EcoSmart

The EcoSmart Designer Range showcases our freestanding models, which are delivered fully assembled, ready to be placed where you wish, and are operational immediately. There are no installation or building works required. Ideal for apartment owners where space is limited, and very popular with tenants who would like ambient heating that moves when they do. Model includes Burner Kit and Wind Screen Static.

Dimensions 37.2"H x 37.2"W x15.4"L
Weight with packaging 79kg, 174.16lbs
Warranty 2 years
Included Items Lighter, Jerry Can/Fuel Container, Top Tray and Lighting Rod
Volume Capacity 1.25 gallons/5 liters
Applicable EcoSmartTM Burner Standard models feature Burner One. UL Listed models feature Burner TwoUL. - please refer to applicable Model Specification.
Fuel Use Denatured Ethanol only.
Design Features The Cube is a square shaped fireplace. It is a freestanding piece of furniture designed to accept the EcoSmartTM Burner. The EcoSmartTM Cube features a square fascia underlined by a stainless steel shadow line.
The EcoSmartTM Fire Cube is designed for installation in units, apartments, houses, and commercial premises including offices, bars & restaurants.
Construction Detail SURROUND: Manufactured from MDF timber that is coated with a fire resistant two-pack solvent-borne top coat (excluding rear panel). The surround is constructed around a stainless steel firebox insert.
FIREBOX INSERT: Firebox 650SQ (part of the Renovator Range) is specifically designed to accept the EcoSmartTM Burner in the Cube setting. Made of brushed Stainless Steel. It includes four (4) fixing points on the facade to accommodate the installation of a wind screen.
WIND SCREEN: A Wind Screen Static is included with the model, this is fixed to the front of the Firebox via the four (4) fixing points on the facade. If a wind screen is not required, the model includes four (4) stainless steel plugs to hide the fixing points.
- UL Listed models require the Wind Screen to be fixed at all times.
BURNER: Placement and clearance allocated for one (1) EcoSmartTM Burner only.
REAR: The rear of the Cube is sealed with MDF Board that includes cut out handles to assist with carrying.
FEET: Four (4) nylon feet are pinned under the fireplace for ease of move & to prevent floor scratching. These can be removed for flush settings if required.
Recommended Accessories Fire Extinguisher, EcoSmartTM Fire Screen or alternative Wind Screen.
Ventilation The EcoSmartTM Fire does not require any form of permanent fixture or fitting such as a flue or chimney for ventilation, or any fixed utility for fuel supply.
In a house of typical construction, that is, one that is not of unusually tight construction due to heavy insulation and tight seals against air infiltration, an adequate supply of air for combustion and ventilation is provided through infiltration. However, if the heater is used in a small room where less than 5.7m3 [200ft3] of air space is provided for each 1000 BTU per hour of heater rating (considering the maximum burner adjustment), the door(s) to adjacent room(s) should be kept open or a window to the outside should be opened at least 25.4mm [1in] to guard against potential build up of indoor air pollution. Do not install or operate in a bathroom or any other small room.
Burner One: The room cannot be less than 70m3 [2472ft3] per burner.
Burner Two: The room cannot be less than 25m3 [1000ft3] per burner.
Compulsory Cross Reference Please ensure you read the applicable Model Specifications for the EcoSmartTM Burner that is used in this model before ordering, specifying, installing or operating the EcoSmartTM Burner.
Clearances There are no specific requirements for side and/or overhead clearances however, use common sense to ensure that your fire is positioned away from curtains, flammable materials and other sources of ignition. Be aware of drafts.
Use common sense to ensure that your fire is positioned away from curtains, flammable materials and other sources of ignition. Be aware of drafts.
6.935, 6.672, 0.263/94,