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ScanGuage 2 is the Ultra Compact 3-in-one Automotive Computer
  • Trip Computer
  • Digital Gauges
  • Scan Tool

ScanGauge II Now Includes: Add-A-Gauge and XGauge software
Going to the mountains? Planning a long trip? Don't leave home without this amazing fuel saver...

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Product Description

ScanGauge II Highlights:

  • Instantaneous fuel consumption display
  • Works on any vehicle made after 1996
  • Installs in minutes
  • Compact size
  • Save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year


ScanGaugeII Now Includes Add-A-Gauge and XGauge.
Checkout some of the cool new features of Add a Gauge

The 3 in One Kit Includes:

  • ScanGaugeII 3-in-One Automotive Computer
  • 6' / 1.8m Detachable Cable
  • Detailed User Manual
  • Velcro Strips for Easy Mounting

Easy to Install

Connects In Seconds

The cable is detachable at the ScanGuage 2 and can be connected on the back or side of the unit. Once connected to your vehicles OBDII port, the ScanGauge II automatically negotiates communications with your cars computer - It's that easy!

The integrated Trip Computer provides real-time feedback while simultaneously tracking three sets of trip data. The Digital Gauges give you real-time data for your vehicle and the built-in Scan Tool allows you to read trouble codes and diagnose potentially expensive problems before they get out of hand.

All this in a small and simple to install unit that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Some of the ways ScanGauge helps save you fuel:

  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Coolant Temperature
  • Maximum RPM
  • Driving Time
  • Driving Distance
  • Fuel Used
  • Trip Fuel Economy
  • Distance to Empty
  • Time to Empty
  • Fuel to Empty

Compact Size

Fits Almost Anywhere!

The compact size of the ScanGaugeII allows you to mount just about anywhere. it's so small, you can even slip it into your pocket and take it with you.

The dimensions of the ScanGaugeII are 4.8" wide by 1.5" high by 1.0" deep. The cord from the diagnostic connector to the control/display is 6' long and about 0.2" in diameter.


Read and Clear Trouble Codes

The ScanGuage II allows you to troubleshoot your own car, read error codes, and the conditions present when the error occurred. You can also turn off the "Check Engine" light and avoid those costly trips to the mechanic.

The ScanGauge II can check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and if found, can display how many there are and the Trouble Codes themselves.Using the internet or repair manuals, these can be translated to the failed component and repairs can be made.

Data captured when the Trouble Code was set can be recalled to help troubleshoot the problems (was the temperature hot or cold, speed high or low, etc.). The ScanGauge 2 can be used to clear the trouble codes and data which will turn off the warning (Check Engine, Service Engine soon, etc.) lamp.

Some states now require that vehicle self tests have been completed since the codes were last cleared, before running emissions checks. The ScanGauge reports this "Readiness".

  • Reads Trouble Codes
  • Reads conditions that set the Trouble Code
  • Clears Trouble Codes
  • Turns off "Check Engine" light
  • Tells you when vehicle is "Ready" to pass OBDII testing
  • Make and store up to 10 rewritable special codes to send to the vehicle computer


Display 4 gauges at a time from the 12 built-in digital gauges. the information is presented in Real-time!

The ScanGauge II can display up to 4 of 12 possible gauges at one time. The units of measure can be changed and the rate of update can be increased or decreased.

  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Rate
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Engine Speed (RPM)
  • Vehicle speed (MPH and KM/H)
  • Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)
  • Engine Load
  • Throttle Position
  • Ignition Timing
  • Open/Closed Loop


Automatically tracks four sets of trip data - Each with 11 individually stored parameters.

The CURRENT trip is restarted after the engine has been off for more than 3 minutes. The TODAY trip is restarted after the vehicle has not moved for 9 hours. The data from TODAY is moved to PREVIOUS DAY when it is restarted. This way, you don't have to reset the trip computers when you start a trip.

There is also a TANK Trip which you reset when you fill up the tank. It can provide you with "to empty" data as well as other useful information. The information is available anytime during the trip.

The CURRENT trip can be reset. This is useful for making fuel economy measurements at a steady speed.

The TRIP modes in the ScanGauge II can be used to save gas. Improved driving habits can improve fuel economy by up to 30% according to a US Government source . The ScanGauge II lets you try different driving techniques and routes and gives quick feedback on how they affect fuel use.

See more US goverment tips on saving fuel here

All this in a small and simple to install unit that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.


UPC 788006004115
Manufacturer ScanGuage

Customer Reviews

  1. excellent product Review by william evans

    you can hook it in less than 2 minutes and saves you $$$$$
    great tool, every car should have this (Posted on 8/3/10)

  2. ScanGauge 2 All-in-one Monitor Helps you get Better Gas Mileage Review by detectorguy

    The ScangaugeII works Great and helps me get better gas mileage. It also has four gauges the user can put on to help monitor what your motor is doing at all times. Simple to use and easy to set up. (Posted on 5/18/10)

  3. Great product Review by Ken

    The Scan guage 2 works very well - is easy to set up. The customer service was exceptional - they went out of their way to make sure I had delivery before I left on an extended trip. The product gets 5 stars - the customer service gets 6 out of 5. Thanks guys. (Posted on 6/6/09)

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