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The Bioflame PRIVE Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

The Bio Flame Prive brings sleek style and two different fire options to your home. You can select between the three pillars of flame, or the wall of fire. The Prives bold lines and brushed stainless steel frame will take your breath away and capture the admiration of your family and friends. The Prive creates an artistic feel by providing a beautiful focal point and pulling the viewer in. The Prive does not require additional gas lines, venting or electrical to function. This sleek hearth can be hung on your wall at eye level. The Prive is a sure bet to help accentuate your living space. The size and design of the BioFlame Prive allows it to work well almost anywhere in your home.

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The Bioflame Prive Ethanol Burning Fireplace

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Product Description

The Bio Flame has found a way class any room room and smaller area with the sleek Prive (pronounced Pre-Vay). This curved unit will add elegant flair to your space. Prive is an excellent alternative work of art. This Wall Mounted unit can become a focal point for the room, providing majestic flames and warmth, and also adding a work of art to your wall space just like a painting. The Prive is will continue to be the recipient of numerous compliments when guests come over to visit. Company will be immediately taken in by this modern hearths lines, elegance and beauty.

Aside from the the versatility offered by the Prive there are also other advantages. All Bioflame models including the Prive utilize Bio Ethanol fuel which comes with numerous advantages. Traditional wood, natural gas or gel burning hearths require additional ventilation, expensive installation and can burn off harmful and toxic substances into your living environment. Most Gel fireplaces use synthetics that can cause harmful off gas and potentially dangerous fumes. This is not a concern with the Lotte. All Bioflame fireplaces use clean, Bio Ethanol fuel produced from natural crops such as sugar cane and corn. This is much healthier for your family and your friends.


Manufacturer BioFlame
  • Three-year warranty
  • Dimensions: H 27.0" (686mm) W 34.4" (874mm) D 10.8" (275mm)
  • Utilizes ultra clean-burning natural ethanol based Bio Fuel
  • No additional ventilation, chimney or flue is required
  • Features an option for 3 containers or a regular burner
  • The Lotte can operate for up to ten hours prior to re-filling
  • Produces between 4000 and 12,000 BTUs depending on how many canisters are lit
  • Beautiful flames with a natural look and feel that rise 12" to 14"
  • Has very durable but beautiful stainless steel construction
  • The stainless steel fuel cups holds up to 15oz. of bio fuel
  • Utilizes ultra clean-burning natural ethanol based Bio Fuel

Customer Reviews

  1. excellent for power outages, self installation Review by island guy

    Love the look and ambiance created, visually attractive addition to living room alcove. Burns 1L/4hrs. at 1/2 closed using the wall of fire (vs. 3 canisters) which at $25.00/USgal (3.8L) works out to about $1.50C per hour. Shipping BioFlame fuel to Vancouver Island appears to add to cost. We are actively searching for alternate supplier. (Methyl hydrate is only $5.00/gal vs. the denatured ethanol!)
    However, we continue to love the feel of the room when it is lit, and it gives off a cozy heat to the room. Look into this! (Posted on 11/30/10)

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